About Moreton Bay Boat Trimmers

Tony from Moreton Bay Boat Trimmers has been servicing the boating industry for over 20 years.

We provide quality service to:

We make and fit quality boat trimmings, including

We offer excellent customer service, and listen to our customers’ needs. Our prices are extremely competitive, with our basic bimini starting at $299, and our quality is second to none.

Testimonials from our customers include:

Tony does exceptional work as many of our members will testify to can confirm tony does a first rate job had my side curtains and front clears replaced recently most impressed and can recommend him

That's right 2weis He has performed his majic on many of our members rigs

When I told Tony I was going up to 1770 he recomended (strongly) that I fold the canopy down when traveling, so as to prevent it from ripping. Of course I didn't do that, it survived the trip up & back with flying colours.

Tony (Moreton Bay Boat Trimmers) does a fantastic job

I know of heaps of boats (big and small) that wear his majic

(More testimonials can be viewed on website Fishaholics)